The beauty of cultural diversity

It helps to stay connected to our roots. The fast pace of life today makes it very challenging to meet daily chores.

Cultural diversity: Why we should respect other cultures

All of these things are beautiful. He believes that the ties between China and Kenya are getting significantly close and cooperation is evident in many sectors such as the media, infrastructure, as well as in international affairs. In the process people of different cultural backgrounds often find themselves going to the same schools, working in the same office and so much more.

Despite the perceived language barrier and cultural differences, I was looking forward to having a lifetime experience in China, which is home to the largest population in the world and is making headlines as a country on the rise in the global sphere.

The beauty of cultural diversity!

Besides the major cities, smaller cities are also getting into the wave as there are new buildings mushrooming each day in almost every corner. Kelsey Beckett fits loosely into the category of Pop Surrealism. My first real encounter was with a university employee who had been sent to meet me at the airport.

Children have to be taught to live and respect people who are different from them in some way so that the world would be a peaceful place to live.

You are welcome to share your China stories with China Daily website readers. At its independence inmy father was one of the bright young Nigerians whom the British Commonwealth invited to study in London. Moreover, it worries me a little to see how the so called post generation embraces western culture while abandoning the rich and Chinese culture.

I came to admire the hard work and discipline being exercised by the citizens. The Cultural Diversity is a precious resource that cannot be considered insignificant, but must be essential. In the process people of different cultural backgrounds often find themselves going to the same schools, working in the same office and so much more.

It helps to stay connected to our roots. Every place speaks about its history, heritage, traditions, and teaches us something. As citizens of this world, we are therefore left with no choice other than to embrace our diversity.

Pharrell Williams’ inspired by ‘beauty of cultural diversity’ for Adidas collection

However, fortunately, cultural diversity in modern portraiture is starting to become less of an anomaly. The modern buildings were a total contrast to my past belief that ancient Chinese architectural designs dominated the surroundings. Besides pursuing his major in International Relations, he also focuses his attention on learning the Chinese language due to his keen interest.

I still long to visit Madagascar and Tonga someday. Most people are in such of better opportunities, education and lifestyle. It really interested me to find that these fast foods have really become a favorite especially among the younger generation of Chinese people.

The warm embrace of the Qataris is comparable to that of the Cariocas. My passport says that I am Nigerian but like my fellow One Young World Ambassadors Nondumiso Hlophe and Dan Ryanwith whom I explored world cultural diversity around the world with on Twitter, I know that I need to look no further than myself to understand and appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity.

What was remarkable was that we were all one and yet so different. The words he spoke sounded like nothing I had ever heard before and all I could do was to respond in English, which he could not understand. With this, it is easy to move to new and unknown places. Nigeria, as it is known today, started out as a republic.

The Beauty of Cultural Diversity

Lately, in appearance, I am a cross between Turkish and Emirati, breakfast consists of goat cheese and a tortilla, and every now and then a few words escape my mouth with a British accent.

In high school, I spent six years at a boarding school in a tiny fishing village in Lagos. A simple illustration of this is the relative ease in which we now eat rice with chopsticks, something that I once perceived to be a great task, yet simple once given a try.

The Beauty Of Cultural Diversity

Diversity truly seems to be woven into all aspects of Bronson. The value of diversity and the behaviors of inclusion are embedded into our Standards for Excellence.

We believe in respecting all people, in building trust and partnerships, promoting a healthy workplace, and raising the bar. Cultural diversity includes different cultures, groups, communities, ethnicities, religions, and forms of communication, along with cultural values and norms. Living in such diverse society, it is important that we learn to respect each other's differences.

The Beauty of Cultural Diversity; The Beauty of Cultural Diversity. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON. The Beauty of Cultural Diversity. FOR ONLY $/PAGE. Order Now. Every culture has its own sets of rules, languages, attire, and above all a way of life.

Cultural differences are best reflected in the languages of the native speaker. China, which is a country of great cultural diversity, is home to numerous attractions and is gradually rising as an influential actor in the international setting.

The Beauty of Cultural Diversity by Tithi Bhatnagar Research in the area of quality-of-life, especially Subjective Well-Being asserts that culture is a very critical context that determines happiness, subjective well-being, quality-of-life, and life satisfaction of individuals.

Nigerian Ambassador, Ajarat Bada on why cultural diversity is important to her. Follow Ajarat on Twitter: @ajaratbada. My name is Ajarat Bada and this is my story of cultural diversity.

I was born and raised in Nigeria; arguably one of the most diverse countries in the world.

The beauty of cultural diversity
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The beauty of cultural diversity! |My China Story |