Sustainable supply chain management thesis

Normally, sustainable procurement should have been a part of sustainable supply chain management. Where the water supply system cannot reach the slums, people manage to use hand pumpsto reach the pit wells, riverscanalsswamps and any other source of water.

This degree requires a total of 30 credits for Plan A with thesis or 33 credits Note: Please contact us at consulting etcoindia. Hence, sustainability is viewed as a framework of three large areas interacting with each other for ensuring that humanity-centric problems that can challenge the long-term survival of humanity can be identified and addressed.

Supply Chain Responsibility

Various designs and implementation of framework agreements 6. This research area requires a number of quantitative studies for investigating the interrelationships between practices and their factor variables.

Hybrid Concrete Construction prefabrication plus in-situ:. You may like to validate your model by surveying experts in your network. Enhancing cost effectiveness by reducing costs and improving productivity 4.

Poor people in developing countries can be close to major rivers, or be in high rainfall areas, yet not have access to potable water at all. As a ballpark, such topics may comprise of six to twelve factor variables in their initial structural theoretical constructs called initial measurement models.

The students may like to study the effectiveness of the above practices in public sector and government organisations through qualitative studies involving in touch programmes action researchorganisational ethnography, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and phenomenology.

Applying appropriate green labelling and green instructions on the packages in transit, storage, and distribution Empowerment: Many companies want to incorporate real time data in their forecasting models and focus on forecasting for shorter periods.

The sustainable water supply system is an integrated system including water intake, water utilization, wastewater discharge and treatment and water environmental protection.

Master in Sustainable Industrial Engineering - SIE

Hence, the practices and their corresponding factor variables in research areas A and B explained above can be combined in the same studies. Risk analysis and management in…management practices, the construction industry's perception of risk associated with its Effects at the Project Level Ph.

The research studies would be quite challenging, modern and unique as the field is still evolving. Enhanced controls on inventory management to meet demands effectively 8.

Water supply networks are part of the master planning of communities, counties, and municipalities. These strategies must include effective management models, technical support to the householders and industries, sustainable financing mechanisms, and development of reliable supply chains.

A sustainable water supply network must monitor the freshwater consumption rate and the waste-water generation rate. Effective management of financial risks of supply chain management 3. A short, and to-the-point structured questionnaire may be used such that you can present validity and reliability analysis using SPSS.

Entry level 2nd year if MSc. The price of water is increasing, so less water must be wasted and actions must be taken to prevent pipeline leakage. Apologies for interruption; please continue reading. Taking appropriate actions for preventing harms caused to species and biodiversity Some companies also employ self-service technologies such as centralized procurement and teleconferencing.

The water in the supply network is maintained at positive pressure to ensure that water reaches all parts of the network, that a sufficient flow is available at every take-off point and to ensure that untreated water in the ground cannot enter the network.

While other methods of disinfection exist, the preferred method is via chlorine addition. Exploring, adopting, and implementing global standards for protection of workers when exposed to harsh working conditions 7.

Excellence in processes and tasks related to sustainable procurement Every government and public sector organisation is expected to maintain a complete documented standard for sustainable procurement.

Exploring, adopting, and implementing global standards for handling of hazardous materials 6. Once the risk values are calculated, you may propose mitigation strategies pertaining to redundant suppliers, better supplier relationships i. As recommended above, master studies may comprise of one independent practice and one dependent practice, and their corresponding factor variables; and PHD studies may comprise of two independent and two dependent practices, and their corresponding factor variables.

These variables may include both the mediators and the moderators. It requires reducing freshwater and groundwater usage in all sectors of consumption.

This requires lots of additional knowledge over and above the traditional ways of working upon past demand data. Strategic supplier relationships; role of suppliers in effective sustainable procurement 8.

Investment in alternative modes of transportation — such as use of canals and airships — can play an important role in helping companies reduce the cost and environmental impact of their deliveries.

In addition, the research topics in sustainable procurement may be designed to cover the following:. Based on the concept of Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM), more companies have benefited from trying to be sustainable in their practices.

However, there are still many challenges for implementing sustainable practices, and. Master Thesis.

Where The Money Is In The Electric Vehicle Supply Chain: Part I

Disclaimer have motivated me to extend my knowledge and expertise in business research and sustainable supply chain management. Naturally, I wish to thank all interviewees, who will remain anonymous, but who have greatly contributed by.

SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN: KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS THESIS this thesis is to: identify the key factors to evaluate when selecting suppliers, describe supplier selection approaches, define specific areas subject to performance evaluation and The supply chain management (SCM) has become one of the most important.

Environmental governance is a concept in political ecology and environmental policy that advocates sustainability (sustainable development) as the supreme consideration for managing all human activities—political, social and economic.

Governance includes government, business and civil society, and emphasizes whole system capture this diverse range of elements. Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information and finances as they move from supplier to consumer.

SCM professionals essentially manage the entire lifecycle of a product: how it’s acquired, distributed, allocated and delivered. 0 Less is more: an evaluation of sustainable supply strategies Less is more: an evaluation of sustainable supply strategies A case study on upstream waste prevention at the Damen Shipyards Group Berdien Fennema | February Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Damen Shipyards Group MSc.

Sustainable supply chain management thesis
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