Family life in two cultures

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Running head: Two different cultures 1 Simularites in cultures seperated by time and distance. David Hall Soc August 6, Rebecca Stout Two different cultures Abstract Today I am going to discuss two different cultures.

They are going to be the Maasai of Kenya and the Amish of America. Prepare an outline on what a family is and discuss this with your merit badge counselor.

Cultural Differences in Family Dynamics

Tell why families are important to individuals and to society. Home › Culture & Society › The Significance of Family in China. The Significance of Family in China and there exist separate terms to differentiate the two, to both members of the family as well as to outsiders.

(including study, work, and life in general), family signifies a type of responsibility, though there exist both positive. One major difference between the two cultures is family values. American people tend to have a series of short-term relationships, and many do not commit with one person for a long time.

Indians, however, believe in long term relationships. Family culture is a unique way that a family forms itself in terms of rules, roles, habits, activities, beliefs, and other areas” (“What is family culture?”, ).

The perception of family is an aspect of family culture ; this includes the interactions within the family and with others. Sep 07,  · News about families and family life.

Commentary and archival information about families and family life from The New York Times.

Family structure in the United States Family life in two cultures
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