Essays on indian culture vs western culture

The present day culture is based on philosophy of science and its economical fall out as capitalism. Scholars now have a solid understanding of tobacco cultivation and the shift from indentured to slave labor in the Chesapeake. In the years immediately before the American Revolution, firewood became increasingly scarce and expensive in Charleston, Baltimore, and other burgeoning southern towns.

A common thread that runs through many lives is the importance of family and the values that derive from having a strong extended family: When I was sipping straight from a coconut in the middle of Hyderabad, taking in the Mumbai city lights, or kicking back in a hill station guesthouse, I started to feel the heartbeat of India charming me little by little.

Below were lesser nobles. As the English became established along Chesapeake Bay and in South Carolina, they seem to have brought malarial parasites with them. But India tested me, India was tough, and there were times I just wanted to book a flight home.

A quick examination of these languages reveals the influence they have had on each other.

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This period saw the renewal of large scale building and the re-establishment of sizable towns. This is the dictate of Indian philosophy.

Mobility between strata was very rare. And, as several southeastern cultures seem to have discovered, a diet too rich in corn led to nutritional deficiencies and poor health.

Coupled with the discussion of Indian-European relations, this approach to colonial slavery should make clear that if the landscape reflected the values of European capitalism, it was also a distinctly American countryside—one shaped as much by red and black as by white.

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The same is the case with professional ethics. The works of art created in the Middle Ages were largely focused on the teachings of the Church.

Culture Convergence

Western books and movies are popular, especially but not exclusively among the urban elite. Where artists had previously worked under the instructions of wealthy patrons associated with the church or state, in this period, art became part of the market economy, and art itself came to be seen as personal self-expression.

The wealthy look on from tall skyscrapers. Furthermore, it is believed that modern clothes make youngsters feel confident as they know that they are portraying a modern image of themselves and help them from becoming a prey of self-consciousness.

Furthermore, many Palestinians who demand restitution for their property are Christian, not Muslim, and Egypt's historic treaty with Israel provides a model for how Muslim and Jewish neighbors can live peaceably. Though the French and Spanish were powerful players in the Indian trade, the transformation of southern agriculture was largely an English enterprise.

Old World diseases might have reduced some southern Indian populations by as much as 90 percent by the mids.

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This was done in order to create a striking contrast between the democratic systems of the European countries and totalitarian India. Without the tangle of food plants typical of Indian gardens, English fields were also more subject to erosion and attracted insect pests such as grasshoppers, tobacco flea beetles, and rice worms.

Looking for ways to combat culture shock. As Indian numbers declined and demand for trade goods soared, native people became enmeshed in the European economy.

It was accepted without reservation particularly in whole of Europe and USA. In the West, writing was invented in ancient Mesopotamia just before B. In arriving at an answer, the class will need to grapple with two key factors that made the cultural exchange uneven: Social inequality was presented during the European history but its idea was significantly transformed through the centuries.

Some of the scholars and scientists would try to counter this argument by posing the plea that science itself has evolved a new higher and better ethical code including democratic values, individual freedom and healthy competition for acquisition of higher knowledge.

One thing is certain, throughout the time periods sketched above, art has meant different things, and it is likely to be differently defined in the future. For others, the prevalence of technology in our lives threatens our individuality and privacy, and reduces us to a data point that can be monetized by corporations like Facebook, Google, and Apple.

It is necessary to hold on to them if we wish to preserve our traditions. A couple of years ago, I had invited my best friend Jenene, to attend an Indian wedding.

Western Culture Degradation or Enrichment?

I thought it might be fun for her to experience the different foods, clothing, personalities, and religious beliefs that were particular to my culture. Effects of Globalization on Indian Culture There are various effects of globalization on Indian culture, experienced in different aspects of the people’s daily lives.

Although globalization started way back, it has impacted the cultural beliefs and practices of the people of India in different ways. Western practitioners need to recognize that this is an important yet sensitive issue for Somali women, and strive to keep the lines of communication open in order to best serve the needs of their patients.

Western vs. NonWestern Music The primary function of music was apparently religion. gatherings involved either singing or dancing or both Western music: The musical culture of the Hebrew people, recorded from about bc and documented primarily in the Old Testament, was more directly influential in the West because of its adoption and.

Have you experienced culture shock in India? failings of our western culture, and conversely begin noticing what’s right about Indian culture — and not one moment sooner.

Reply. Sonja Riemenschneider says. June 15, at am. Sounds like someone needs to write about culture shock in the USA from an Indian perspective! Bet it would. Personal culture examples computer science magazine the monsters and the critics and other essays fifa world cup referees list robert frost famous poems used online question and answer story writing worksheets for grade 2 small movie theater business indian culture vs western culture in hindi goyal brothers prakashan class.

Essays on indian culture vs western culture
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Indian Culture Vs Western Cult Essays