Ed.ac.uk thesis submission

They will then read your thesis again and, if they are satisfied that you have completed the corrections, complete the Certification of Corrections form.

The examination paperwork will be sent to the next Board of Examiners meeting for approval.

Thesis Submission and Examination

Submission You need to submit your thesis electronically via Sharepoint. Your supervisor will discuss with you the names of any possible examiners and you must inform them if any problems are likely to arise if particular examiners are appointed.

Each soft bound thesis needs only a soft cover - usually a card back and a plastic front cover - with binding for examination purposes. It is the responsibility of your supervisor to ensure the College Office has current mailing addresses for your examiners.

EH8 9JU When do you need to submit your thesis.

Thesis resubmission for re-examination

Final submission documentation Award Once the College Office has received all the necessary examination paperwork from your examiners and it has been approved by the Board, and you have submitted your Final Submission Documentation you will be sent your award letter.

This will automatically be the case if the School's policy on publications has been adhered to. Signed declaration page Abstract of Thesis Electronic copy of Thesis including Abstract and thesis - please ensure the electronic copies are suitably attached to each Thesis.

Final Submission and Graduation. The examiners will specify a further period of study under supervision usually not exceeding 12 months maximum 24 months. The Certification of Corrections form should be returned to the College Office as soon as possible so that your examination paperwork can be sent to the Board of Examiners for final approval.

You are encouraged to discuss possible examiners with your supervisors. If the examiners details have not been confirmed yet, there may be some delay in sending your thesis to the examiners.

The submission procedure is as follows: We have provided further instructions on how to do this. The following recommendations are possible after a thesis resubmission: If you want to submit a pdf of your paper to the portal, then it is essential that the School has the right to publish it.

Independent researchers within the School of Informatics may submit papers for inclusion in Informatics Edinburgh Publications at will. If and when the Board approve the paperwork, you will be allowed to be awarded - providing you have submitted your Final Submission Documentation.

The College Postgraduate Office will send the copies to your examiners. If a viva is recommended by the examiners, it is strongly advised that your viva is not organised until your examiners have officially received a copy of your thesis and the re-examination paperwork from the College Office.

Each copy of your thesis must contain the following: Thesis binding You are required to submit at least 2 soft-bound copies of your thesis to the College Office.

The examiners generally remain the same as for the initial examination. This deadline is as strict as your initial submission deadline; late submissions will not be examined.

If and when the Board approve the paperwork, you will be allowed to be awarded - providing you have submitted your Final Submission Documentation.

The thesis is normally assessed by two examiners:.

Thesis Submission for Examination

PhD Thesis Index PhD Author Index MSc Thesis Index MSc Author Index MScres Thesis Index MScres Author Index Thesis and Date Title and Author EDI-INF-IP Please mail elleandrblog.com> with any changes or corrections.

Prior to submission, you must inform your supervisor of your intention to submit your thesis for assessment.

The Notice of Intention to Submit form asks your supervisor to confirm that you have discussed your intention to submit with them. College offices can advise on thesis submission procedures. Notice of intention to submit. friendship in helping with the thesis submission. I would like to acknowledge CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cient´ıfico e Tecnologico,´ Brazil) for providing the financial support for this thesis and for their continuous.

Submission of your Thesis

The Postgraduate Office will then pass on the corrections to your examiner for comment. Once they have been approved, the College Postgraduate Office will inform you that you are now ready to submit the final version of your thesis.

Information on what steps to take if your thesis requires resubmission for examination. PhD and MPhil resubmission for re-examination. Following the oral examination, examiners may decide that your thesis requires substantial revision and therefore recommend resubmission of a thesis - Reg 23e for PhD or Reg 24e for MPhil.

Submitting your thesis for examination. How to submit your thesis. Thesis binding. You are required to submit at least 2 soft-bound copies of your thesis to the College Office along with 2 electronic copies (pdf, preferably on a USB stick). (along with other final submission documentation).

Ed.ac.uk thesis submission
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