Advantages of western culture in india-essay

From my experience as student who is pursuing her higher studies from a university in UK could figure out such differences mentioned above.

Debate : Indian Culture Vs Western Culture..

Among the most noticeable disadvantages of cultural diversity include language barriers, social tension, and civic disengagement. Till the end of eighth 5-year Plan irrigation potential increased considerably. Total Plan outlay in agriculture exceeded Rs. Students here prefer open ended learning structure with vague objectives, broad objectives and with no structured time tables and students from a low uncertainty avoidance usually accepts a teacher who says 'I don't know' for what he is actually not sure of, they respect a teacher who uses simple language and books that explain difficult issues in ordinary terms Hofstede, Cultures and consequences.

Christianity and Islam are among the major religions followed in India. United Kingdom Owing to the fact that UK is on the lower power distance index it has a comparatively relaxed classroom setting compared to the phenomena in India.

Area under irrigation in was only a merge 29 million hectares. The effect of western culture is greatly seen in our customs, tradition, social and moral behavior, our love and respect for others.

Subhalkshmi, Kishori Amonkar, Pr. In Europe, for instance, tension between the Muslim minority and the largely secular majority is frequently attributed to the incommensurability of Islamic and Secular values.

Keep in mind the disintegration of the Roman Empire took centuries, but to simplify, c. Such class behaviours are absolutely not tolerated in the country that I come from.

Class room culture is often the unspoken and unconscious factors about how the people involved in a class behave during lessons, their mannerisms such as behaviour towards the teacher, the method teaching, when and what type of behaviours are tolerated or frowned upon in a class ETL notebook.

As a result of the wider availability of books, literacy rates in Europe dramatically increased. The planners sincerely sought equal distribution of the benefits to the poorer and underprivileged section of the society.

Thus, their religion, leads the couples to compromise with each other, resulting in a low divorce rate. It was also a period of economic prosperity in Europe—particularly in Italy and in Northern Europe. This region comprises the areas having more than people per sq.

The partners in arranged marriages have a type of understanding where the couple spends time with each other to understand their needs and desires. According to Harvard professor Robert B. Social segregation often occurs when speakers of two mutually unintelligible languages live side by side.

Search our thousands of essays:. When talking of family life, there is a great bond between family members in Indian culture which cannot be seen in western culture. Though social mixing is very much common in western culture, these are not approved of in Indian culture. In dressing, Indians dress in a very modest way and do not go for revealing dresses.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cultural Pluralism

However, wearing revealing dresses is quite common in the western culture. In western. May 09,  · influence of western culture in india essay in hindi Василий Абакумов. It benefits mainly prioritising the interest of the rich, perverted, sex-maniac and greedy kind of people.

Sad but true that this culture has been managed to spread all over the world, by mean of media, and by mean of tourists from those countries. Technology in Indian Culture and Effects of Globalisation of Technology and Media An attempt to uncover some prominent issues regarding effects of technology own culture and added to the variety of our lives.

The Hindu religion provides perhaps the best example of this fact. While the basic tenets. It is also increasing international trade in cultural products and services, such as movies, music, and publications. The expansion of trade in cultural products is increasing the exposure of all societies to foreign cultures.

And the exposure to foreign cultural goods frequently brings about changes in local cultures, values, and traditions. THE AGE OF SWEET SIXTEEN: In western culture the age of sixteen is the threshold for the parents to consider their child as having capabilities to sustain and nourish their life on their own.

It’s good for the future of children as it make them to learn the real lesson of life, how to represent themselves on the broad and real life stage of.

Advantages of western culture in india-essay
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